Banana Browser

Safer, faster, and more stable

Banana Browser is a fast, easy to use, secure browser based on the world's most widely used Chromium. It brings you various extended features such as Adblock, Privacy Protection, and so on.


We have a built-in Ad Blocker. It blocks ads on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads.

Secure DNS over HTTP(S)

We support a built-in Secure DNS. You can bypass website blocks using Secure DNS over HTTPS.

Secure Login

We support a secure login using additional authentication(e.g. Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN and so on) on web sites.

Dark Mode

We have a built-in Dark Mode. You can easily switch the UI and web pages to a dark theme with one click.

Toolbar Editor

You can personalize your browsing experience rearranging frequently used buttons on the bottom toolbar.

Data Saving Mode

We have a built-in data saving mode to reduce mobile data. It loads pages faster and use up to 60% less data.

External Download Manager

We support external download manager such as IDM / ADM as well as built-in download manager.

Extended Media Player

We have built-in powerful extend media player(e.g. PIP mode) for video elements on fullscreen mode.

Browser Lock

When opening our Banana Browser, you can use additional authentications to protect your personal data securely.

Privacy & Security

Protect your privacy online with strong security features provided by Banana Browser